Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a role of Ranthambhore Nature Guide in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve !!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Monitory 


The conservation of the wildlife by Nature Guides (RNGA)

Mostly Ranthambhore Nature Guide’s main income source is only this National Park. Hence they earn their livelihood by doing this job as a Nature Guide or Naturalist. Therefore, the Nature Guides are sincerely careful to the beauty and safety of this park because it is the only  income source of helpless Nature Guide. So, they play very important role for the conservation of the park. That is the main reason, they are  full attention to take care of it. It will surprise that from picking up plastic bags to illegal forestation, cattle grazing and forest firing  are also controlled by them. They are very much careful to tiger’s monitoring and perfect conservation of the park. No any other can do so perfectly and sincerely.
Tiger Monitoring:- Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is known as “A land of Tigers”. So native and foreigner tourists’ first choice is to enjoy its visit. So, the conservation of the tiger and wild life  are  the first priority of the Nature Guides. It is really a great challenge. Some forest officers and related employees have embraced to death in the task of Tiger’s Conservation. But, they have preferred duty to their life. Tigers monitoring is very necessary  for their conservation . (It is only way to save  tigers) A tiger’s territory is about 40 to 60 sq. km.  (Average) in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. But it is also depended  on water, food and human disturbance.
Tiger’s Monitoring is not hard but very challenging task because for this forest department has neither enough staff nor sources. It is really noticeable that through the Nature Guides, forest department get not only vehicle but also the staff without any cost. Therefore, it is admiring point and act of nature Guides which is performed by them skillfully. But they work with interest and get enough success in tigers monitoring freely and sincerely. As soon as the nature guides enter with their tourists, they start monitoring with full interest and eagerness because it is their duty as well as a main attraction of the tourists. During their trip they are fully careful to the footprints (pug mark) of a tiger, scratch marks and droppings because these are the main sources of a tiger presence and can help pinpoint their whereabout.  During their game drive, they always try to pause, hear and assess the clues that are provided by the forest, such as warning calls by monkeys, deer and antelope. So during this particular time a nature guide has a time to observe anything in the forest. All these type of activities which are done by the nature guides is also the main part of the Tiger monitoring as well as keeping eyes for any illegal activity in the national park . After the game drive, each nature guide reports to a forest guard at entrance gate about the clue of tiger regularly. So, due to these clues, forest department knows the moments of a tiger in the tiger reserve.
Generally 8 vehicles (4 gypsies & 4 canters) are allowed for fixed zone in Ranthambhore National Park. Each vehicle checks about 35 to 40 kms area. About 8 nature guides check this area turn by turn. So there is no any hope of any mistake. Eight nature guides are sufficient for this area. Thus they perform their duty carefully and sincerely and satisfy tourists. There they perform their responsibility sincerely carefully and honesty. Their role is tigers monitoring is really appreciable, no doubt.
We are really very much thankful to the forest department who gave this  golden opportunity  to us ! THANKS
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President, shard Ranthambhore , RNGA


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  2. i know very well that the nature guides play a vital role in the conservation, but nobody notice it. they always ignore them by other people. it is really sad very much. it is good step to display it, well done, i appreciate you job, thnx

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