Thursday, July 25, 2013

The real condition of the poor nature guides in India !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Nature Guide Pankaj Mittal  injured in Ranthambhore National Park 

Ranthambhore(Sawai Madhopur):In a shocking incident, a nature guide got injured on date 17/03 /2013 around 7 am while he was going to Ranthambhore National Park with the tourists in a canter.Natures guide Mr Pankaj Mittal (45) who was appointed in a patrol canter in the morning safari. After picking up tourists from Sawai Mdhopur lodge (Taj Group Hotel) suddenly, he slipped out from the canter at the turn of the main road. He got head injury and was admitted in the hospital for 3 days under the observation of Dr. S.C. Garg at Sawai Madhopur. Later, Dr. Garg referred him to Jaipur where he hospitalized for15 days due to brain injury. From 4th April, 2013, he has been on bed rest as advised by doctor. He has been unable to work and still on the bed.  It is very shocking for his family as he is only earning member but now there is no source of income for his family. Therefore they are having very tough time. He has been working in Ranthambhore National Park since 1988.  But there is no one came forward to help him including Forest department, NGO, hotelier and travel agents. Not a single person from the forest department even met him formally to know his health while they spent lots of money for the name of conservation of wild life. It is really very unkind with him when mostly people ignore him. I have still remembered that the end of the last day of nature guides’ training in 2007, our CWLW, Ms Rukmani Haldiya addressed nature guides as, ‘the ambassador’ of the park. D.F.O, R.S. Shekhawat also addressed the nature guides as the ambassador of the park in the same programm. In refresher course, in 2011 our local M.L.A, Mr. allauddin Azad also called the nature guides as the ambassadors of the park.

On date 15 July, 2012, on the TV program me,” Save the tiger” our forest &tourist minster, Ms Bina kak said that the nature guides are as the Ear, Noise and Eye of the park.

But still no reasonable basic essential benefits are provided to these nature guides like insurance. The Employees State Insurance Act 1948 is a piece of social security legislation conceived as a means of extinction of the evils of society, namely disease, dirt, ignorance and indigence. The object of this Act is to secure sickness, maternity, disablement, and medical benefit to employees and dependants’ benefits to the dependants. These benefits are secured by financial contributions to the Scheme by employers and employees. So this state insurance should be applied immediately on all nature guides and there must be stopped unfair labour practices.

Even ,we have got Ranthambhore Foundation, in which every day guides & drivers are contributing 5% of every safari income. Why cannot, we can compensate / help/ assist needy persons like Pankaj Mittal from foundation fund. After all everyone has right to survive. But we are still, waiting  for  …………

Special Note: At last , we have been collecting the money for Him. If you are interested please do so. It will be appreciable.

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